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BPC Design / Flexient USA, Denver, Colorado

BPC Design / Flexient USA Brad Clemmons, Denver
Background: 20+ years managing and producing communication/marketing materials for a wide variety of corporate, public and private clients throughout the U.S., Western and Eastern Europe. Consultant on interface design, on-line marketing strategies and product development.
Specialty: Turning the complex and ethereal into an understandable visual and verbal form.

webagentur-webforyou, Karin Hirschi, Hofstetten

Speziell für Klein- und Mittlere Unternehmen entwickelt webforyou Online- Marketingkonzepte. Schwerpunkte sind: Website Marketing, Website Analyse, Suchmaschinenoptimierung SEO, Suchmaschinenwerbung - Google AdWords, E-Mail Marketing - Newsletter und Landingpages, Social Media Konzept - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Xing und LinkedIn.

metaphor GmbH Basel

metaphor GmbH Basel entwickelt seit 1994 multimediale Anwendungen für grosse und mittelständische Unternehmen, für Verbände sowie staatliche Institutionen.
Wir konzipieren und realisieren eLearning-Anwendungen für das Web, auf CD-ROM & DVD; Internet-Auftritte mit audio-visuellen Inhalten; Multimedia-Präsentationen für Events und Messen; Cross-Media Produktionen für Screen und Print.

Stöcklin Associates, Basel

Stöcklin Associates is a communication agency based in Basel, Switzerland. It is organized as a network of specialized service providers facilitated by Doris Stöcklin. All network members are highly qualified, combining successful careers in their respective technical areas with long-standing experience of the lottery industry and non-profit association sector.
This organization guarantees the responsive service, flexibility and availability required in the non-profit sector, where permanent staffing levels may be low and special projects and subcommittees may be conducted on a voluntary basis.


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