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Who is Media Sonics?

Media Sonics was set up by Thomas Bruhin in May 1995. The company specialises in computer-based media integration - more specifically in the design and programming of interactive systems.

Demands on quality in multimedia have been raised by market expectations and improvements in hardware performance. Introduction of the newest communications technology has made the application's arena more complex than ever. And there is no end in sight for this self-propelling cycle of development and expectation. It is not easy for beginners to find the right level of entry into the multimedial world, and even well-informed users are finding it tough to keep an overview of all the possibilities available.

Past experience shows that the most successful way to carry out a project is on the basis of in-depth discussion and planning together with the client from start to finish. This is why Media Sonics goes beyond technical realisation to help you plan your multimedia presence including selection of the most suitable communication media for your purposes.

The multimedia or information system applications available are numerous. They range from company profiles, product presentations, information or sales media, to digital product catalogues and electronic manuals. The range of carrier types on which they appear is equally varied. Aside from conventional removable or hard disk storage media such as hard disk, CD-Rom/DVD, Flash Memory devices such as USB-Sticks, it is also possible to integrate projection via computer. The spotlight is currently on forward-oriented multimedia using on-line systems like Internet/Intranet and in particular on the graphic user interface known as the World Wide Web, usually abbreviated to WWW or the Web. On-line/off-line applications are particularly popular at the moment consisting of removable or hard disk media combined with direct on-line access for, among others, updating or changing information.

Whichever form of digital information platform you go for, Media Sonics will provide you with all the information you need for the optimal solution at the right price.

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