Media Sonics

Beratung – Entwicklung – Schulung

What does Media Sonics offer?


  • Concept, Design and Programming of customer-focused Webpages, -sites and -applications, following the latest HTML-Standard
  • Concept, design and Programming of Websites following the latest Accessibility and Usability Recommendation according the WAI-Guidelines
  • Programming of Websites and interactive Web-Applications using: CSS, JavaScript[TM], DOM, AJAX, XML, XSL namely XSLT and to a lesser extent XSL-FO
  • Development of dynamic Webapplications (with database backend) using Open Source Technologies such as the PHP-Scriptinglanguage, the MySQL Databasesystem, the MODx Webframework/Content Management Sytem or WordPress Blog-/Content Management System
  • Programming of Web-Applications for mobile devices
  • Planning and Integration of Groupware and Content Management Solutions (f.ex. MODx etc.)


  • Webprogramming and Scriptinglanguages
  • Webdesign with HTML5 (HTML, CSS and JS)
  • XML and related technologies
  • Concept, design and integration of accessible websites
  • Content Management Systems like MODx etc.


  • Animationsdesign and -Programming
  • Audio: Assembly, Editing, Conversion for Multimedia or Online Usage
  • Video: Assembly, Cutting, Mastering, Conversion for Multimedia or Online Applications
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